07 January 2011

Kooky Cobble Hill Convent Is Sold

Brownstoner unveils the interesting news that the two buildings at the corner of Henry and Kane in Cobble Hill—a longstanding obsession of Lost City—have been sold for $5.4 mil.

These properties, long in disrepair, are old, old South Brooklyn. I uncovered a lot about them last year when I began posting about the old cement wall that surrounds the land. The building were part of a convent called the the Nursing Sisters of the Sick Poor/Congregation of the Infant Jesus, an order which began in France. They devoted their time to caring for the sick, looking after their homes and giving them medicine. The nuns used to hold dances to raise money. According to my records, the buildings were built in 1906. The wall was built in 1913. (Note the cross carved into the cast iron door.)

In the late '60s-early '70s, the building was used by the Int'l Society for Krishna Consciousness.

Many of the windows have been broken for a long time. I've often wondered if anyone lived in there.

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dora said...

Hi i'm writing from Co. Donegal, Ireland. I believe my Great Aunt may have been a nun in this convent "Sisters of the Infant Jesus" Brooklyn in the early 1900's. Her birth name was Ellen Mc Elchar but I think she took the name of Sr. Mary Patrick on joining the congregation. I am trying to do my family tree on my Dad's side and it would be most helpful if there was any information on her in the Archives/old Registers. If you can help, I really would love to hear from you.

Many Thanks

Dora McColgan