20 January 2011

Where Carroll Gardens Christmas Never Ends

All who celebrate Christmas have been guilty from year to year of procrastinating in the taking down of decorations. Sometimes they linger until Jan. 1, Jan. 15, and further.

The last merchant to take down their holiday trappings on Court Street is always Sal's Pizzeria. Last year, their whirling white Christmas trees were out on the sidewalk until March. This year, they're on their way to another record. Maria's, their affiliated restaurant, still has a tree, a wreath and all sorts of lights up, with no sign of there exit in sight. Is the owner sentimental? Or just lazy? The latter, I think.


Kristin Bradfield said...

I rent from the owner and you should see what the front of our house looks like at Christmas! Thankfully that stuff came down a week ago.

Max Van Der Cock said...

It will all be down soon enough because they go ape sh*t for Valentines Day over there (and I love it).

Seriously, best red sauce joint in the hood for your dollar. Mamma Marias has tons of charm if you look at it in the right light.