04 January 2011

Zito Bakery Finally Gets a Tenant

Over the years, I have loudly bemoaned the sorry state into which to former Zito Bakery in Greenwich Village has fallen. No tenant for seven years and the facade defaces and broken and boarded up and defaces again.

So it's good news that Roma Pizza, a restaurant group with locations in Barcelona, will be moving in soon. At least we can go in and look around and remember what was. And maybe order a slice.

The Roma site acknowledges the history of the space they're inhabiting. The language is weirdly jumbled, but what the hell: "Zito Bakery. If you look on google or ask the New Yorkers, I will answer that was one of the earliest and most famous bakeries in the historic city. Pictures of Zito sell them on the road next to the statue of liberty or Dellal Empire state building. Pizza Roma will give new life to this famous bakery where they used to buy bread and myths like Frank Sinatra and ordinary people. This asset is an asset that will use during launch and opening communication."

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