21 January 2011

Monteleone Bakery Under New Management

Carroll Garden's classic pastry shop Monteleone Bakery, which has roots in the neighborhood going back to 1902, has been through a lot of turmoil in recent years, undergoing a renovation, briefly joined forces with the Cammerari Bakery, and being put on the block.

Now the venerable old store—which many in the area agree has fallen off its game lately—is under new management. The new owners are a husband and wife team with long experience in the pastry biz. They hail from Bensonhurst, another Brooklyn neighborhood known for its Italian-American population and find bakeries.

1 comment:

upstate Johnny G said...

So maybe this is a REALLY good sign!! Fingers crossed.
Italian pastries rock. There's culture and history behind them. Cupcakes have no history, no family. They are like a rogue elephant.....trampling into other's territories.