15 January 2011

Rum House to Reopen

Some pictures came out of the revamped the Rum House, the beloved (in this quarter, anyway) Times Square watering hole that is being reborn as a somewhat swank cocktail joint. Can't say I'm unhappy about what's going on. The redo looks pretty faithful to the former look of the place, which its nautical theme. I'm thinking it may now look like the Rum House possibly did when it opened for business in the early 1970s. Certainly, it's good to have that grimy carpet gone. And it will be nice to be able to order a good rum cocktail in a place called the Rum House. Opening is Monday.


Grade "A" Fancy said...

Beautiful -- but, sigh, yet another $12-14 per cocktail joint. OK, if they play sea chanties, I'm willing to shell out.

upstate Johnny G said...

I perused the cocktail "menu"...hmmm.....Goslings is the correct rum for a Dark and Stormy since that's the cocktail associated with Bermuda and Goslings is the only rum made there. It's a reasonably priced rum in liquor shops. And I note that they use a single malt in a cocktail....which seems silly and wasteful, as though using it is meant to convey a special cache to the drink. Once you start making cocktails with single malt, I find you lose the distinctiveness of it. Might as well just use a good blend. Maybe the whole point is to play it up in an attempt to justify the price. They probably see their market as being tourists who don't know any better, or newbies to money who judge the quality of every experience by how much its components cost. And there's that whole cognitive dissonance thing, where if you get people to overpay for a thing they will tend later to think the price was fair in order to avoid the dissonant thought that they got ripped off. I might go in to the new Rum House for a drink just to see the place, but in general I'll stick to my old favs.