26 January 2011

Lost City: Providence Edition: Signs of Federal Hill

Federal Hill, the Italian province of Providence, Rhode Island, is home to a quantity of Italian restaurants and bakeries to match any of New York's Little Italys, and a great many of them are of significant age and boast the most wonderful of old neon signs. The one above, to Joe Marzilli's Old Canteen, is my favorite. Dates from 1956. Pink tablecloths inside. Kind of place you go after your kid's graduation.

The joint's sign around the corner (it sits at an intersection) is even better.

Not sure of the age of Cassarino's. Lovely signage, though.

Camille's is the oldest of the Italian restaurants along Atwells Road. Founded in 1914, in it's current location since 1919.

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Ryan said...

Great post, Brooks. I went to school in Providence and did, in fact, go to Old Canteen after my graduation. Federal Hill has kept its charm, as has much of Providence, particularly on College Hill (where RISD and Brown are).