23 February 2011

The Avenue U Donuts & Luncheonette

Avenue U in Sheepshead Bay is a pretty bleak stretch, replete with chain outlets and bank branches. The independently owned stores, meanwhile, are blighted by ugly plastic and vinyl awnings. As I walked along the street, I kept checking under these awnings to see if an older sign had been covered up and was still there, hiding under its garish successor. I didn't have much luck—most of the old signage had been stripped from the buildings—until I reached NY Grocery Deli V at E. 18th Street. (Where are NY Grocery Delis I thru IV?)

A quick peek underneath the awning revealed that this was formerly the home of the splendidly named Avenue U Donuts & Luncheonette, where coffee was "Made Fresh Daily."


KSx said...

Excellent abstract sign photos!

Jim said...

Look down. Outside the entrance door, you will see--