17 February 2011

Puppy City!

Puppies! Puppies! Puppies!

You want dogs? Go elsewhere. Puppy City has puppies!

In Sheepshead Bay.


Anonymous said...

Puppy City should be excluded from this.. nothing lost about it. They sell sickly, pups from Puppy Mills.. please do not give them any free publicity..

KB said...

I'm a little embarassed to say that I bought a puppy from this place. Yes, I know that this place, and all of the other pet stores, deal with puppy mills. However, after months and months of looking for a small (apartment sized), relatively young dog in a shelter, I gave up. The shelters had 90% pits bulls and other large dogs and a few very old dogs whose medical expenses were more than I could handle. I tried a small breed rescue but they denied me because I had never had dog before and couldn't give vet references and because I had a small apartment without a yard. So I gave up and bought a dog. My dog, thank God, was not sick, but she is definitely NOT the purebred pug they claimed she was (she is adorable and I love her but as she has grown up it is clear from her more prominent snout and longer ears that she is not a purebred). Not that I care, because first of all I love her to death and the only reason I went there was because I needed a smallish dog and she fits the bill. So even though I shamefully did patronize them, they are not the most scrupulous people. We also had put down a deposit for a male dog and got a surprise girl!