16 February 2011

Donut Shoppe Fights Valiantly on In Sheepshead Bay

Gaze up the Donut Shoppe, independently owned shop on Avenue U in Sheepshead Bay, just steps to the west of the Avenue U B/Q elevated subway stop. There aren't many like this left in the city. Dunkin' Donuts, the fasting growing chain in the fat ol' U.S. or A., knows this, but would be happier if there were actually none. Big old DD has set up shop on the next block, just steps to the east of the subway stop. I don't think the location is a coincidence.

The Donut Shoppe has been around for 40 years. It has a classic donut store layout: donuts on display near the front behind the counter; a row of stools for those who like to sit and enjoy their pastry with a cup of coffee; a primitive, hand-lettered menu near the ceiling, printed on white plastic. The place has no phone. Gotta love that.

From what I could tell, the Donut Shoppe was doing well enough and not sweating the DD down the street. I ordered a cream-filled, chocolate-iced number. Super fresh. Yum.


upstate Johnny G said...

Hope this indie donut dude manages to prosper or at least survive. I'm old enough to remember when Dunkin Donuts shops still made their own donuts! They had a tremendous variety back then. My favorite was the iced buttermilk cake donut followed by the blueberry. DD is mostly in the coffee business these days I think, and now serve hash browns, muffins, breakfast sandwiches, bagels, and cookies.

When i was living in Maine in the mid 70's there was a little shop that had an automated donut machine in the window. I don't recall all the details but precut dough dropped out of a sort of funnel into a long trough of hot oil. There was a current that swept the donut to the other end, and some sort of flipping apparatus midway along. At the far end the finished donuts were lifted out of the oil by a conveyor to a basket or bin. It was great fun to stand outside on a chilly day and watch donuts being made, then go inside and get a hot one and a cup of cocoa.

Anonymous said...

DD donuts suck...I am happy to report that Peter Pan Donut Shop in Greenpoint seems to be thriving,despite a DD that opened not far away. I think one reason they are thriving is because of the blogosphere. Not to mention their product rocks and the atmosphere is classic old time donut shop, with the string dispensers hanging on the ceilings, too.