21 February 2011

What You Didn't Know

From a reader, Some stuff you never knew about this building:
Grew up around the corner. The tall narrow building is actually wider in front, it is 125 Madison Street between Pike and Market... a building that was condemned and closed by the city when rules for air, light, and sanitation changed until the landlord (50+ years ago) made necessary corrections. Three apartments per floor... and get this... TOILET IN THE HALLWAYS, bathtub in the kitchen. Wood burning stove in the kitchen, with gas as well. My grandfather was the Super from the 60s to the 90s: lots of great memories. Basement held a speakeasy way back in the day... Chaplin posters and soforth on the walls. Most recently, allegedly, a brothel. Classic, old school NYC building.

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S. Ng said...

I believe the photo shows what is called "Mechanic's Alley". Looking in the direction the photo is taken, the alley continues behind to directly underneath Manhattan bridge, which leads to a supermarket, with a myraid of a few other shops. That supermarket is one of the only markets around that area that takes credit cards w/ID. Lots of old history in good ol' Chinatown/LES. Take a look up at the old turn of the century walk ups and you'll see names of the bldgs, some with the year it was built, gargoyles, and other figures in delicate carvings in brownstone, etc.