02 February 2011

Some Things Never Change

I've always been curious about this old, old, but rather nondescript building at the northeast corner of Court and Douglass in Cobble Hill. It dates from the 1880s, and I always imagined it had a mercantile history, even though it's long been made up solely of apartments.

I haven't been able to find out much, but I was right about the shop. There was a grocery here in the 19th century. And here's what happened in 1886: "Jacob Berlage, a grocer, or 283 Court Street, was charged before Justice Massey this morning with having exposed for sale some canned tomatoes which born no label to show when they were put up. This is a violation of the Laws of 1885."

Grocers still pull that stuff.


Frank said...

Hey! I lived in that building ca. 2002 or so.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

What was it like inside? Did you hear anything about its history?

Alberghi New York said...

New York is my favorite city!

Anonymous said...

P.T.Sharpsoldcoaland woodandhay fromhisyard at 3rdand the Gowanus.Hisofficeslocated at 183 Court Street in 1865.

Frank said...


I wish I had more interesting info for you, but I never heard anything about the history of the building while I was there. It was clearly an old building, but it always struck me as being more run-down old than historical old. There wasn't much (any?) original detail in the interior of my apartment that I can recall, but it's been a few years so I could be mistaken. The floor plan of the apt had clearly been altered at some point in the past--painted-shut door connecting the bedrooms, that kind of thing.