02 February 2011

Donohue's Steak House Felled by DOH

I was just talking last night with a Upper East Side-dwelling friend of mine about the wonderful unchanging character of upper Lexington Avenue, mentioning such stalwarts as the Lexington Candy Shop and Donohue's Steak House.

And today I wake up to the awful news that Donohue's has been shut down by the DOH. Hopefully, they will clean up and reopen soon. Love that place. Here's my "Who Goes There?" column from two years back.


fifilaru said...

I really love places like this. They provide real solace and comfort. I can really relate to a place you can sit quietly for a few hours. Hope they get their act together.

D. Wilder said...

I live down the block from this neighborhood institution. Donohue's was closed for non-food related violations (holes in the ceiling, etc.). The owners are working hard to rectify and will re-open soon.