11 February 2011

More Doings at Monte's Venetian Room

Recently there were reports of new construction at the long-silent Gowanus institution, Monte's Venetian Room.

The work apparently continues at the 1906 restaurant, one of the oldest in Brooklyn. The Department of Building reports a Jan. 28 partial permet to "RENOVATE EXISTING EATING & DRINKING ESTABLISHMENT. INSTALL NEW KITCHEN EQUIPMENT," and a Feb. 1 approval. The workers will also "REPLACE /REPAIR FLOOR JOISTS AND REPLACE CEILING." Are the same owners renovating it? New owners? What of the famous murals and banquettes? Don't know.

Monte's was founded in 1906 and is one of the last remnants of what was once a thriving Italian community along the Gowanus Canal. Frank Sinatra was rumored to be a patron (but then he seemed to have gone to every New York Italian joint at least once). It was last owned by Toni Monti. Nick Monte, his father, died on Oct. 13, 2007, at age 90.

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Bob96 said...

Probably know this, but Nick Monte(-marano) went on to some fortune as owner of Gurney's Inn and other properties out at Montauk. The WW2 memorial across the street at OLP lists many Montemaranos from the parish.