30 March 2011

The Brooklyn News of 1884

In the New York Times, Aug. 4, 1884:

"Angelo Dillegrino, an Italian, of No. 32 Union Street, Brooklyn, declared at noon yesterday that his sweetheart was the most beautiful girl to be found in Brooklyn or Hoboken. Nicholas Corleo, another Italian, of No. 100 Union Street, maintained that there was no truth whatever in the statement, but that he himself had the handsomest sweetheart in Brooklyn, to say nothing of Hoboken or Long Island City. To settle the matter in a satisfactory manner, both men drew razors. Dillegrino slashed Corleo in the face and on the arm, and then ran away. He was captured and locked up in the Eleventh Precinct Station House. Corleo was sent to the Long Island College Hospital. The question in dispute remains unsettled."


upstate Johnny G said...

Hi Brooks, love the latest posts.....have you seen the pictorial history of Brooklyn that's a free Google book?

Published in 1916 on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. Pretty interesting.


Brooks of Sheffield said...

I have looked at that, some time ago. It is fascinating.