10 March 2011

Lost City: Pittsburgh Edition: Mancini's Finer Italian Bread

Mancini's Bakery isn't exactly in Pittsburgh, but in a small, nearby town of McKees Rocks, where it's stood on a side street of the faded mill town since 1926. It's still in the family, second generation.

The shop is connected to a bakery that pumps out 10,000 loaves a day and is open 24-7, but is nonetheless a relative hole in the wall. All the bread is made with lard, something you don't see much anymore. Twist bread and raisin bread are specialities. And they've got a line of side products, like olive oil and croutons.

While I was there, I saw a worker slide a slice of good-looking pizza into one of the bread ovens. "You make pizza, too?" I asked. "Just for ourselves," he answered. "If we told people, then everyone would want us to make pizza for them."

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Anonymous said...

I see that you do not accept anonymous comments, so I don't expect you to publish my comment. I'm not trying to be anonymous, I'm just very limited in my computer skills and I don't have any of the stuff to check on under choose an identity. I don't even know if you will get this comment.

I'm just writing to say that I am a Pittsburgher who enjoys your blog, and to say thanks.

The photo of the exterior of Mancini's screams Pittsburgh. And the departing customer just adds to the authenticity of the photo. Since you have visited Pittsburgh, you probably know that we have an aging population, and it's not unusual to see "heavy" people and people who walk with a cane. And, I say this with total respect, it's just the way it is. It just makes the photo so realistic; tells a story, so to speak.