28 March 2011

House Next to Rat-Squirrel House Gets Renovated

I guess Cobble Hill's notorious Rat-Squirrel House isn't the threat it used to be.

I remember hearing tales that the shut-in who lived there for so many years kept the landmarked, four-story, brick building in such deplorable condition that the walls and floors were ridden with termites. And those termites spread, causing structural problems for the owners on either side of the 149 Kane Street building.

Times have changed since the owner of the Rat Squirrel House was forcibly removed in July 2009. There's been intermittent activity inside and out the boarded up, scaffolded structure, indicating that someone is interested in saving it. (A March DOB filing recommended "renovation all the interior wall, ceiling, replace roof joist, outside facade.) But next door, at 147 Kane, fears have evaporated. The building has been gutted and is getting a complete renovation. Someone will soon be moving in to a townhouse in mint condition. So, no termites anymore, right?


Marie said...

And I thought living beside Raccoon House was exciting! What is it about Cobble Hill?

ajlounyinjurylaw said...

Some buildings are work renovations. This one certainly is one of them.