09 March 2011

When Did You Last Have Your Lamp Repaired? Rewired? Refinished?

Let's talk about lamp repair?

Do you have a solid lamp repair outfit in your neighborhood? Do you know where to turn for a lamp rewiring job? For a new lamp shade? What do you do when you need an old, treasured lamp shade recovered?

Have no answer? Perhaps you should move to Sheepshead Bay, where Salmar Lamp Co. can answer all your lighting and lighting fixture needs. They can restore your lamp antiques. They can replace the glassware and crystal on your best lighting fixtures.

I have found out almost nothing about Salmar, the odd, dusty shop on Avenue U with the chicken wire over the window, the doleful lighting inside and the old man who leans out the doorway to see if there might be any business coming down the street.

It surely must be old. The hand-painted sign has faded down to almost nothingness.

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