28 March 2011

Ferdinando's Focacceria Gets Huge New Awning

This huge orange thing went up over Ferdinando's Focacceria around 5 PM Monday, March 28. It's certainly the biggest awning, sign or anything that the old Sicilian sandwich place has had in its 107 years in business, as Ferdinando's and otherwise. (It's always been a Sicilian joint, but under different names.) In the past, the awning, when unfurled, has only covered the storefront. It hasn't stretched the length of the entire building.

It looks nice enough. And I can begrudge the owner (that's him, center) the chance to attract more attention to his restaurant. The trouble is, with each "improvement," Ferdinando's looks less like Ferdinando's, and more like some dodger that's trying to look old and authentic. I hope they never get rid of those narrow double doors that serve as the entryway.


Jeff said...

Uh oh, it looks like there are some discrepancies with the name. "Focacceria" and "Focacceceria"

May want to fix that one... I guess it's better than "Pasty's Pizza" on the UES.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Oh my God! Didn't even notice that. The spelling on the edge of the awning it wrong.