07 March 2011

Jeffrey's Meats, in Essex Street Market, Closes

Seems like just yesterday we were reading a lovely story about how Jeffrey Ruhalter, a fourth generation butcher in the Essex Street Market, and one of the last indy butchers in the area, had found a way to stay open. Now we're reading that Jeffrey's Meats has been forced to close, owning to a 29% rent hike by his bastard landlord, in this case the Economic Development Corp.

Isn't there a single landlord in the City who thinks beyond his or her bank account, beyond the next paycheck, ever thinks about the greater good? What does the EDC think it's going to put in that space? A mini Rite Aid?

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upstate Johnny G said...

What's next, Saxelby's Cheese shop or Shopsin's legendary restaurant??? Geez Louise, I thought an outfit like EDC would be bending over backwards to PREVENT merchants from falling into financial distress, not CAUSING that distress. Up is down and down is up?