09 March 2011

Standings' Pose

Standings, the sports bar on E. 7th Street, kinda pisses me off. Only a few years old, they moved in, but left the "Est. 1886" sign that was above the door when they arrived. They even put up letters for "Standings" that rather matched the font of the "Est. 1886." False advertising, I say, designed to snare rubes.

Brewsky's used to be here. I doubt they were founded in 1886 either, but the sign was there then, too. So what bar was founded at this address in 1886? I don't know. But it wasn't Standings.

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Jeffrey Greenblatt said...

Sure that is a bit of false advertising, but they do have a pretty old bar in there - that I would bet might be the original bar from whatever bar originally inhabited that space.