20 November 2011

Fortune House Open Again

The Fortune House, the old school Chinese joint on Henry Street in Brooklyn Heights, is open again after a rocky few months. One imagines they are now under new owners who do not exploit the workers, as apparently the old ones did. For now, the old sign, and exterior and the interior remain largely intact. About the nature of the menu and food, I can not speak at this moment.

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Anonymous said...

Back when I lived in Brooklyn and worked on Montague street me and the ex would go here sometimes.

I particularly remember a Valentine's Day. It was great. The food, as I recall, was pretty good--there was a walnut-mayo shrimp dish that I still remember--and the drinks were cheap. I think we had Mariners Grog (!). It was a good choice because every other place was so damned crowded for the big night out.

Happy to know that Fortune House is still there. I miss it because there are no Chinese restaurants in Baltimore.