25 August 2008

F. Martinella Is Coming to Brooklyn! Now, Who is F. Martinella?

As others have noticed, a new "unique deli and catering experience" called F. Martinella is opening in a large space on Court Street, near State. The sign caught Lost City's attention because it stated that F. Martinella was a concern that had been established in 1949. Nearly 60 years in business! Something to be proud of.

One problem: Who the #%@ is F. Martinella? Many others on the blogosphere have tried to come up with some information of this supposedly venerable company, but their Google searches have come up empty. I've searched every database and newspaper archive I can think up. Zilch. I'm pretty familiar with most of the old businesses in the City and this Martinella rings no bells. Something fishy's going on.

Can anyone out there shed light on this mystery?

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Anonymous said...

Boar's Head:

Ceo: Robert S. Martin President: Michael Martella

Martin + Martella = Martinella