28 August 2008

Lost City: Troy, NY, Edition: Pork Store Closes

Above is one of the last pictures taken of Troy, New York's famous Troy Pork Store open for business. It was taken in July. I've learned recently that the century-old shop closed its doors in early August without explanation. Nobody knows why because the owners aren't saying, but people point to the rising cost of meat and energy. It was owned since 2004 by former Price Chopper butchers Carmen Amedio and John Mesko.

The Troy Pork Store was founded in 1918 by Charles Komerz. It made its own sausage, pepperoni, liverwurst, salami—anything you could think of—and served local families and businesses, as well as those throughout the Capital District. But its greatest fame came, perhaps, from creating the tiny hot dogs distinctive to the Troy-Albany area. The mini-dogs were bought and sold by classic local restaurants such as the nearby Famous Lunch, which always bought its dogs from the Troy Pork Store. Don't know where they're going to get them now.

What's happening in New York City is happening everywhere, folks. Our heritage, our individualism, our craftmanship are getting wiped out by corporate chains, feckless capitalism, and the governments that support them. Goodbye Troy Pork Shop, Hello Price Chopper!

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