12 August 2008

New York's Strangest Graffiti (Right Now)

Who out there remembers that Barbra Streisand and Elliott Gould were married back in the '60s?

Well, this graffiti artist does, and to prove it he decorated a wall on 42nd Street between Sixth and Seventh, quite near the F train station. "Barbara Strisand Elliot Goulde Jason inside of me." Hm. No points for spelling. He got both the first names and the surnames of both stars wrong. Four names, all of them incorrect. (Must be frustrating for Streisand. All these years of being a superstar and people still don't get the "Barbra" spelling.)

Jason is Jason Gould, the lone product of their union. He's a sometime actor, aged 41. But "inside of me"? That's crazy, freaky stuff. And is that little face drawing smiling, smirking or just being? Keeps you thinking, doesn't it?

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