20 August 2008

The Sad Afterlife of Gage & Tollner, Part 7

Gage & Tollner just can't catch a break since it stopped being Gage & Tollner.

The Fulton Street restaurant, which had, and has, a landmarked interior evoking the 1800s, has suffered a series of indignities ince it closed up shop in 2004 after 125 years in business. The worst of these was having to do time as a TGI Friday's franchise.

Things were looking up last fall when Amy Ruth's, the famous and well-regarded soul food restaurant in Harlem, announced it would open a Brooklyn branch in the space. But the months dragged by and Amy Ruth's did not arrive. A planned Jan. 1 opening came and went. Then a planned Feb. 14 opening came and went.

Now, the Brooklyn Eagle reports that the deal between the realty company that handles the Gage building and Amy Ruth's has fallen through. There is a marshall’s notice on the door saying that the landlord is reclaiming the space. Now what?

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