12 August 2008

Some Stuff That's Interesting, and About Food

There's new news about the Cheyenne Diner. Seasonal and organic menus? Movie screen?

Good old Village French food standby 26 Seats has DOH problems.

Marion's of the Bowery stops pretending it's not in trouble and closed for good, after being run off and on by founder Marion Magy and her son since 1950.


Anonymous said...

Marion Nagy was a woman. Her son Richard Bach ran this place with his business partner Michael Howett. I will definitely miss it. They had the best martinis, the Pontani Sisters danced in the aisles, and they were nice enough to host numerous benefits for Dixon Place. After all this time we are losing them to Nj and Philly...

Anonymous said...

By the way, everyone seems to buy the whole origin story that Marion ran a restaurant at this location, but I've always thought of that as some kind of ingenious nostalgia performance piece. I have never found a scrap of evidence that such a restaurant existed nor is it mentioned in any book of the time. Nice story, though.