10 August 2008

Strong Place Church Looking More Condo-y

The ceaseless work on Cobble Hill's 156-year-old Strong Place Church, which is being converted by Baxt Inqui Architects into a condo complex, continues. But the mammoth Degraw Street undertaking has begun looking more like its condoized future and less less its ruined church past.

Through the arched stone entrance on Degraw, stairwells are now clearly visible, and perhaps the makings of a lobby or vestibule. Toward the Henry Street side of the project, one can see where floors and walls are being put into place. Workers are feverishly busy. Perhaps we'll see those 24 promised condos in 2009.


Anonymous said...

They're actually starting work on the facade today. (Picking off the exterior coat to expose stone/brick). After living with this for two years already, I truly hope it is coming to an end. But I am assuming work until next summer!

Anonymous said...

I live on Strong Place and it's been more than two years working on this.
Both Yankee and Shea Stadiums will be finished before this is complete!

carroll gardesn strong said...

the church was also home to the strong place day care center.. which i attended and its very sad to see them turn a beautiful classic building into yet another apt complex.