01 August 2008

Mozart Dies Young

How is one supposed to keep up with the domino-like pace of significant shutterings in this town? Combine the developer-friendly City Hall with the downturn in the economy, and the pace at which NYC history is being wiped out has shifted into overdrive.

The latest to fall is Cafe Mozart, as reported by Eater. Not ancient by any means; it opened 17 years ago. But the 70th-Street cafe was representative of an Upper West Side culture that is going bye-bye. The independent, cultured spot was a favorite of Lincoln Center patrons who weren't keen on chains and yearned for a little bit of Europe before or after a concert or opera.

I used it most recently last January. They had wi-fi and were a welcome alternative to the Starbucks across Broadway if one wanted to grab a coffee and get a little work down. It was nearly empty when I paid a call, whereas the Starbucks was packed. And so it goes.


Anonymous said...

According to a comment on Eater, it seems as if Cafe Mozart wasn't paying its taxes. Not surprising it had to close.

Anonymous said...

No word yet on the rumor a branch of the Salieri Savings Bank will open in the space.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Good one, King of Cabbies.