15 August 2008

Some Stuff About Public Enemies

Former Deputy Mayor Dan Doctoroff, who is still on the City payroll, thinks his business is not our business.

The machine behind the corrupt Willets Point eminent domain movement shows its utter contempt for the people. And tell-it-like-it-is Council Member Hiram Monserrate shows his utter contempt for the people behind the movement.

Bloomberg appoints a new Building Commissioner, which is sort of like the fox appointed a new hen-house guard. The paper lion this time is named Robert D. LiMandri.

Crapitect Karl Fischer builds a lot of crapitecture, and most it in the same areas, Greenpoint and Williamburg, making them crapi-neighborhoods.

But Gerald Caliendo, an architect based in Queens, is more crapilicious. He build 1,604 pieces of junk in under 7 years.

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