08 January 2009

Court Street Hurting

Things are not looking robust on the Cobble Hill section of Court Street. The thoroughfare, usually pretty resistant to the ebbs and flows of the economy, is losing a number of businesses.

The Court Street branch of Margaret Palca, which just open in the summer of 2007, will close on Jan. 31.

Brooklyn Artisans Gallery, a presence on Court Street since 1994, will also close its doors on Jan. 31. There's a big sale on right now and a long, teary goodbye note in the window.

Already gone are Miriam and Jill (below), which shuttered recently.

Shakespeare's Sister closed a few months back. It's prime space on Court near Kane (below) remains empty. The Carroll Gardens section of Court Street appears to be holding on. I might attribute this to the sturdiness of the old-time Italian businesses, many of which have a loyal clientele.


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Miriam and Jill´s were restaurants not clothing shops.

Anonymous said...

aside, you don't see that type of old school accordion style gate on stores anymore. the rollgate is ubiquitous.