08 January 2009

Piccolo Cafe Has Piccolo Menu

The Piccolo Cafe on Columbia Steet has opened, and has already established itself as a lovable slice of Brooklyn-style eccentricity. The interior boasts a stark minimalism that would please Donald Judd. A long white counter, a grill, a few brown tables, some chairs, a fridge for sodas, and nothing else. No pictures, no tablecloths, no swank lighting fixtures.

The menu beats McSorley's for simplicity. For breakfast, you can get an egg sandwich. If you're a fancy pants, you can get it with cheese, ham, bacon, or "salad." For lunch, you're welcome to a cheeseburger ($3). No mention of a plain hamburger on the chalkboard. If you're really hungry, you can get your cheeseburger with macaroni. Don't look for chips or fries. They're not here.

There's also coffee.

A stout woman, who could be a holdover from Columbia Street's pushcart days, mans the cafe. I asked her if more items were going to be added to the menu. "Maybe," she said. "We'll see how business goes."

I orders a egg sandwich with ham and cheese. She labored over it for ten minutes. It was good. And the price, $3, was right. Piccolo may have something going here. No one else in the immediate neighborhood can make a decent egg sandwich for that price.


Anonymous said...

My burger was pulled from a freaking steam table. Buns are straight from the bodega. Plus, 50+ from the health department. Charming? Maybe. But eat cheap at your own risk.

There is zero aptitude with this place.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

What do you want for $3? And how can it have a health rating already? Did they rate it before it even opened?

LaDolceDante said...

The health department ratings were based on a pre-opening inspection and I would guess that the were remedied prior to the opening. (Hope so!)

I've had two great egg and cheese sandwiches so far and will go back for more. Also the coffee was pretty good.

And of course in this economy the price is right.....

Kristen said...

Truly hideous place. The owner is endlessly inconsiderate--opened up shop below residences and refuses to stop playing a radio outside on the sidewalk below a baby's bedroom window. He knows this is the case and won't stop doing it when he could easily keep it inside. Don't know how it stays open when they get no business and he sits outside on a chair from 10-10:00.