19 January 2009

Portrait of a Newsstand, Old School

This lonely beaut on Seventh Avenue near 52nd deserves not to be Cemusa-ized. Where else can you get both cigarettes and cigrarttes?

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Veli said...

Cemusa, the firm subcontracted to fabricate the covered bike parking structures received $2,537,956 (see the original agreement that is accessible at NYC-DOT) for installing and maintaining 37 bike parking structures. The cost to the city of each bike park is $68,590

Of that amount, the city paid Cemusa $1,542,231 for maintenance and repairs. The breakdown is astonishing $41,680 to maintain each bike park. What does the public get in return? These Cemusa bike park structures are ignored to the extreme. Some have oxidization and most of them have medium to large indentations, scratched glass pieces, filthy walls, stickers and fliers, amassed rubbish on the roof, peeling rubber pieces on the roof glass and graffiti.