31 January 2009

"Recipes of the Lost City" Columns

The followed are past edition of the "Recipes of the Lost City" column. As stated at the beginning of each edition, in this column "I rummage through my library of old New York restaurant histories and cookbooks and dig up the prime dishes the denizens of the five boroughs dined on in years gone by."

Gage & Tollner's Crabmeat a la Dewey
Hampshire House's Veal Steak Saute Provencale
Grotto Azzurra's Meatballs
Toast Colony
Baked Bean Rarebit
Longchamps Chicken Manhattan House
Trader Vic's Mai Tai
Recipes of the Lost City: Stork Club Punch
Luchow's Wiener Schnitzel
Eggs Colony
Tavern on the Green's Tavern Chestnut Dressing
Braised Striped Bass Pavillon
Klube's Bavarian Potatoes
Town and Country's Main Blueberry Griddle Cakes
Longchamp's Spaghetti
Luchow's Potato Dumplings
Ye Olde Chop House's Corned Beef and Cabbage
The Colony's Veloute of Whitebait Colony


Unknown said...

I'm sorry not to see McHales stuffed mushrooms on the lost menu.
Peggy would be chagrined... well maybe not exactly chagrined, but they were good!

Chris said...

Does anyone have the apple turnover recipe for Smith and Mcnell's Hotel that was at the corner of 195 Washington St (corner of Greenwich St) in lower Manhattan? They were known for them. Or any information on the pace at all, for that matter? http://query.nytimes.com/mem/archive-free/pdf?res=F6091FFB3D5D11738DDDA10894DE405B838CF1D3

Anonymous said...

You would love the Unofficial Mad Men cookbook. Got it for Xmas and it is fab.