04 January 2009

The Hostess With the Leastest

This Hostess thrift shop in Woodside has been closed for nearly a decade. I remember when it was open. The shelves were never very well stocked. But you could get Twinkies for very little money, if you wanted to. I never understood why Hostess put the shop in the middle of nowhere (37th Avenue and 61st Street), where no one could take advantage of the deals. I also never understood the sign on the side of the building, which says "Wednesday 'Bargin'." Why the misspelled "bargin"?

I'm no fan of Hostess treats. But I like the boldness of this relic, and the iconic signage.

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Anonymous said...

There was a Hostess thrift shop not far from me in Suffolk that closed at least three or four years ago, and has remained vacant and deteriorating ever since. Several months ago an Entenmann's thrift store opened up nearby but hardly ever seems to be open.