05 January 2009

Dive Takes a Holiday

Just two months ago I was suggesting to regulars of the currently defunct Holland Bar that they visit the East Village's Holiday Inn for their dive needs.

Now JVNY published the disturbing news that Holiday has been closed for a number of days, and that the old owner Stephan Lutek is in the hospital. Still too early to say if the joint is gone for good. I would have to think it was. It's dive-ishness was so genuine and unposed.


Anonymous said...

Nooo! This makes me so sad. After 4 years at NYU I finally had the guts to go there with some friends a few weeks ago. The bartender looked to be about 900 years old. What a great place. I hope it lives- one of the last official East Village Dives!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, I believe the owner must be in his eighties, and nobody would doubt he liked a drink or twelve. Sorry to hear he's sick, but not unduly surprised. I thought his son (sons?) were looking after the place these days?

Anonymous said...

Stephan quit drinking years ago, for the record.