12 January 2009

Doomed-Looking Vesuvio Bakery Moves from Shoes the T-Shirts

WTF is happening with Soho's irreplaceable Vesuvio Bakery? Closed for months with idle promises taped to the door of an imminent reopening, it was caught hawking designer shoes in its window last fall. Now, reports Eater, "two guys putting up t-shirts for sale in the window" have been seen. Further states the tipster, I "walked over for a better look and turns out they're... Vesuvio t-shirts! Asked the guys if Vesuvio found a buyer to help them stay open and they said oh-so-confidently, "I think so? We're just here to put up t-shirts.'"

The 90-year-old bakery was listed with Craigslist last week, so things don't look good for the local landmark.

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