21 January 2009

A Good Sign: The Oyster Bar

No, not that one. A sign in the window says this place on 54th and Seventh Avenue is "The World Famous Oyster Bar." But we all know that one is in Grand Central Terminal. I've never been inside this place, and don't know what it's deal is. It's supposedly been open since 1959, but something about it arouses my suspicions. All that aside, the sign is fantastic!

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Anonymous said...

Great sign, yes.

I once lived on 57th Street, and did eat here a few times (ten years ago). Mainly pre-theater tourist crowd - in the evenings, anyway. Oysters, clams, but the best thing to get was whatever the fish of the day was, simply grilled with a wedge of lemon. It was just fine, but of course you pay a bit extra for the location.