01 June 2010

Skyline Books 2.0 Hangs Out a Shingle

The second incarnation of Skyline Books—oddly housed inside a florist shop on W. 28th Street—now has a sign of its own. And it's not called Book Gallery, as owner Rob Warren told me. It's called, simply, Rob Warren Books.

A sharp-eyed reader took the above shot and sent it in. Makes me feel all Christmasy.

Skyline was forced to give up its Flatiron District shop last winter, after 20 years in the business.


Jeremiah Moss said...

wow--great news!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of a Christmas view
when I was drinking good wine
from the Valois valley in
Zermatt,Switzerland ,wish I
were there now!

Good Luck to the half bookstore
half florist store actually looking
inside the two compliment each

Anonymous said...

The sign is actually only post
card size ,it is on the front door.

The store hours state "7 am to 3pm"

The florists of Tin Pan Alley
usually have hours such as this for
wholesale florist van pick up's.
It is really busy at 4am.

In the early Morning one sees floral designers and set designers
going about their needs some
flitting about as fishmongers would at the old Fulton Fish market.

Mike of Tin Pan Alley