09 December 2010

Union Street Gets a Decoration

There used to be an old cheese shop on Union Street between Hicks and Columbia called Latticini Barese. It was run by a man named Joe Balzano. He used to marshall the merchants on the block to chip in for Christmas decorations for the street. It was difficult. Most of the shopkeepers didn't think it was worth the cost or effort. They reasoned that if people weren't planning on crossing the BQE to shop there, no wreath of holly was going to change their mind.

Latticini Barese closed in 2002 and there haven't been any Christmas decorations on Union since then to speak of. Until this year. Out of nowhere, a single string of lights appeared the other day. It's very sweet, hanging all by itself up there. Made me very happy when I saw it. Good job, Union Street.


magoo said...

i loved shopping with my mother on that street back in the 60's!

Melanie said...

Long Live Union Street!!I grew up on 8th Avenue off Union Street. Many memories.