25 February 2011

Jay & Lloyd's Kosher Deli

The genuine Jewish Kosher Deli is, as we all know, a dying New York institution. You can count on a couple hands the ones that remain. I thought I knew all the old delis, from Riverdale to Borough Park. So Jay & Lloyd's Kosher Deli on Avenue U in Sheepshead Bay came as a surprise when I passed it by the other day.

It looks quite ancient, so I was surprised when the sign said "since 1993." (Though, really, 18 years is not exactly a short time in New York restaurant years.) Perhaps the joint's been-there-forever vibe owes to another legend on the awning: "A 3rd Generation Deli Family." How could you fit three generations into less than two decades?

I asked about this. And the man behind the counter, frying up the hot dogs, mentioned something about the family (Lederman is the surname) have previously owned delis in Manhattan. Certainly, the weary, white-haired man looked like he had been doing what he's doing for at least 40 years.

Pastrami is supposed to be their specialty here. I didn't have time for that, had a quick hot dog instead. Hit the spot.


Anonymous said...

Please ask who ever picks up the phone if you can speak to the Rabbi. A Rabbi on premises is rare.

Ken Mac said...

i gotta get to sheepshead bay