02 June 2007

Astroland Rides for Sale

Apart from being sad—which it is—this news that Astroland has put its rides up for sale, in preparation of the park closing down come Labor Day—news which first appeared yesterday on Gowanus Lounge—is eye-opening in how affordable an amusement park ride can be. Quite a few of the rides are going for under $30,000, which means any reasonably affluent person could buy one and put it in his or her backyard (if whatever municipal laws would allow such a thing).

The most expensive items are the Haunted House, Water Flume, the Bumper Car house, the Himalaya and Musik rides, and the Breakdance. As for the Astrotower, which the City curlishly refused to accept as a gift, you have to call about the price.

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