13 June 2007

No Red Hook Vendor News Yet

Gowanus Lounge reports that the meeting between the Parks Commission and the Red Hook Ballfield food vendors, whose continued existence has been threatened by the specter of an open bidding war for concessions at the fields, has been postponed. It was supposed to happen yesterday, but will now happpen Friday. GL thinks this is a good sign. Let's hope so.

While you're at Gowanus Lounge, check out this interesting item about the fight to rezone Carroll Gardens and enlarge its dinky history district. Lost City has said before that such moves are long overdue, and the fact that CG has such a tiny historic district (basically Carroll and President streets between Smith and Hoyt; two small blocks) is criminal and suspicious. I've heard from oldtimers a number of times that the reason the district was kept so compact is local residents did want their building options hemmed in by having their homes landmarked. The usual short-sightedness, greed and selfishness. Let's hope more broad-minded heads prevail in the future. First on the list should be 1st Place through 3rd Place between Clinton and Henry. Beautiful, pristine blocks of handsome homes.

GL also mentions that Long Island College Hospital, which seems to own almost every large building in the area, has put the Longshoremen's Association Building property, on Court and Union, on the block. Under current zoning, a 13-story tower could go up there. Yikes.

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Anonymous said...

thought you might find this of interest:


can you guess the year?

more on _______ _________ International Longshoremen's Medical Center anon.

(i will tell you the building is of some architectural signifance; you can look it up.)