11 June 2007

Brooklyn Food News: Red Hook Vendors, Di Fara's

There's good news for the Borough of Kings this Monday morning.

According to Gowanus Lounge, the Red Hook Ballfields food vendors controversy (Parks Commissioner: "You must pay a higher rent!" Vendors: "We can't pay a higher rent!" Sen. Schumer: "I'll criticize the higher rent!" New Yorkers: "Our hero!") will possibly be resolved tomorrow, when Cesar Fuentes, the selfless head of the vendor's group, will meet with Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe, Brooklyn Borough Commissioner Julius Spiegel and City Council Member Sara Gonzalez. Guess Sen. Charles Schumer's press conference on Saturday and the resultant press had an impact. Fuentes also said the vendors are looking to set up shop year round. That would be mighty nice.

Meanwhile, in Midwood, Eater.com, by way of Slice, has the scoop on Di Fara's, recently closed for the second time by the Spanish Inquisition-like ("Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition! Our chief weapons are Fear, Surprise, Ruthless Efficiency...") Department of Health. The pizza palace will reopen by week's end, and they do not have to go to court on the 14th. Let's hope they keep it clean this time and not provoke the easily provoked DOH.

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Anonymous said...

check out this video about the vendors struggle: http://www.estansbury.com/blog/?p=37