27 June 2007

A Good Sign: Block Drug Stores

Possibly the coolest drug store sign in New York City. Certainly one of the oldest. Sign says it was founded in 1885, meaning it was there even before Second Avenue became Yiddish Broadway, lined with Yiddish theatres. McSorley himself of nearby McSorley's Tavern could have gotten his toothpaste there. The hugeness of the letters sets this sign apart. If you were desperate for aspirin and wandering lost, you'd see this sign beckoning to you from blocks away. Miraculously, it's held its ground at Second and Sixth Street in this age of Rite Aid. Can't say why.

One thing confuses me. Why "Block Drug Stores," plural? Were there more Blocks years ago?

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Shayna said...

Here's a view of the other side of the sign, including the date: