04 June 2007

Jerks on Parade

Wanna know about the jerk that ruined the Lower East Side. Read this informative piece in the Times. Sion Misrahi expresses some interest is saving Katz's deli from death by development. If there's anyone who can do it, it's him. It might actually keep him out of Hell.

Meanwhile, in Borough Number 2, people in Carroll Gardens aren't so enthused with the eight-story metal box Robert "What Me Not Develop?" Scarano wants to drop on top of the F-line Carroll Street stop, wiping out the rustic little plaza that sits there now. They hate the idea so much they've posted lots of impromptu literature just outside the subway stop for people to read. (See above from Gowanus Lounge.) Only some "man in a gray/silver mercedes SUV came and tore down all the signage" the other night. Uh, yeah. Wonder who was behind that?

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