07 June 2007

Di Fara's Closed Again

Legendary Midwood pizza joint Di Fara's has been closed again by the Department of Health. According to the New York Times:

On Monday, during another inspection, the pizzeria was cited for unsanitary conditions including flies, a mouse infestation and bare-hand contact with food, said Sara Markt, a health department spokeswoman. The operators also failed to meet some of the conditions they had agreed to in April, like proving that they had passed a food safety course.

Margaret DeMarco, Mr. DeMarco’s daughter, said that the family provided a certificate from a food safety course, but that the health department did not recognize it because it was a photocopy.

One has to wonder how many times Di Fara's can be shuttered by the DOH before old Dom DeMarco just throws up his hands and walks away. Then, the City can tally a real triumph, eh? And why is Di Fara's, out of all the pizza places in the city, getting so much special attention? Somebody craving publicity?

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Anonymous said...

While I agree that alot of the DOH closings are BS (I wonder if some inspectors are soliciting bribes?), a "mouse infestation" seems like a legitimate reason to shutter a place.