12 June 2007

Elk to Migrate Upstate

Well, you never know what you're going to find out when writing randomly about New York City.

A couple weeks back I posted an item bemoaning how little of the Little Germany character is left in Manhattan's Yorkville community. A particular loss I pointed out was the closure of Elk Candy on E. 86th Street, a great source of quality marzipan and other sweets. It was there since 1933, and shuttered just last year. You could buy marzipan in almost any shape: carrots, pigs, ladybugs, strawberries, and a variety of pumpkins for Halloween. (Thanks, NYC.com, for the picture.) Many called it the best marzipan in the city.

The owner of Elk Candy saw that mention and wrote to me, saying (punctuation not corrected) "ELK Candy might be coming back but in the hudson valley area the rents in manhattan are to high i might start up the bussiness again if i can find a place that will work for me ."

Too bad NYC can't get Elk back, but it's nice to know the tradition will live on.

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Anonymous said...

The Hudson Walley rocks! He would be welcome.