09 November 2007

Brooklyn Cover-Up Job Exposed

There's was a nifty reveal this week on the building at the corner of Degraw and Henry in Cobble Hill that's getting a thorough (and I mean thorough—it's like an archeological excavation, that building) renovation.

The steady removal of the awful, awful siding of white bricks that has marred the house's walls for decades has uncovered not only the original red brickwork but one of those lovely stone signs that used to adorn many corner structures in Brooklyn. A bit chipped, but still in fine condition, it reads "Henry" on one side and "DeGraw" on the other. It's a beauty. Can you imagine being such a dunderhead that you've cover up something like that? Makes me wonder how many other such signs are hiding behind awnings, signage, aluminum siding and various other "improvements."

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