14 November 2007

Wooden Phone Booth Sighting: Capsouto Freres

I haven't written up one of these in a while. But what can I say—wooden phone booths are hard to come by once you've discovered the obvious half-dozen or so to be found in prominent old-school New York bars and restaurants.

This one is in the 27-year-old Tribeca French restaurant Capsouto Freres and took me totally by surprise. It's in the basement, the phone works, it has a fan and a nifty, Art Deco, tear-shaped seat. Strictly speaking, this isn't as genuine an artifact as are some other booths. One of the "Freres" told me that the booth was being thrown out somewhere back in 1980, so he claimed it for the restaurant and installed it. Still, it's a wooden phone booth and I'll take it.

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zuzuzpetals said...

If memory serves—there's a wooden phone booth off the staircase at The Frick Museum. Not sure if it works——but it's always a show stopper.