13 November 2007

Key to the Keys of the City

City Room has a very amusing item about that weird old civic tradition, the Key To The City, and who gets this honor in NYC.

It's a intriguing group, these key-holders. And after a few glances, a few thoughts emerge:

*Far too baseball players have been given the key.
*David Dinkins made it count, handing over the key only to Nelson Mandela and Mikhail Gorbachev and no one else.
*Michael Bloomberg really likes others guys who have jobs like his, honoring 11 mayors from around the world.
*Ed Koch aimed higher, preferring to bestow the key on Presidents and Prime Ministers.
*Mickey Rooney and Susan Lucci should give their keys back.
*Why does the key have to have the current Mayor's name on it? Couldn't we save some money by just manufacturing a lot of generic keys?

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